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Protecting Governments and Businesses from real world advanced cyber threats

We perform realistic adversary simulation, full stack security assessments and vulnerability research.

Cyber Security Advisory

We deliver vendor agnostic security services

XLADIUS utilises bleeding edge research and technology to deliver realistic adversary simulation and technical security assessments

The founder Jon Barg has extensive experience in penetration testing for governments and businesses in Europe, Asia and the Middle East

Research Focused

XLADIUS goal is to utilize the most modern hacking and penetration testing techniques, to deliver a cutting-edge product for our clients.

Our vision is, that only a security company that is actively researching new technologies and attack vectors will be able to protect governments and businesses in the future. Due to growing threats of criminals and nation state actors, the demand for realistic threat simulation becomes grows constantly.

Meet the team

main services

Full Stack Security Assessments

Application Security Assessments

XLADIUS Application Security Assessments utilize Application Penetration Tests and Code Review to ensure the security of your web or thick client applications. With methodologies that go far beyond the scanners or other off-the-shelf tools, XLADIUS performs manual penetration tests to protect your company's secrets and intellectual property.

Infrastructure Security Assessments

We deliver Infrastructure Security Assessments that identify misconfigurations, or insecure exposed network services that could result in a vulnerability IT system. During external assessments, XLADIUS mimics the methodologies of an advanced attacker, identify and potentially exploit found vulnerabilities over the internet. When executing internal Infrastructure Security Assessments, XLADIUS simulates internal attackers, such as a compromised workstations, or maliciously acting employee.

Red Team Security Assessments

By using real world attacks, XLADIUS performs Red Team engagements. These Adversary Attack Simulations, will simulate advanced attacks, APTs or targeted attack campaignes against government or businesses around the world.

IoT and ICS Security Assessments

XLADIUS delivers IoT and ICS security assessments covers a diverse range of Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Research against PLCs, HMIs, DCS, Field busses and other mission critical components. We bring extensive expertise in the power and electricity field, production and assembly, Industry 4.0 as well as Oil&Gas.

Vulnerability Research and Exploit Development

We strongly believe that active Vulnerability Research must be part of any effective security company. This allows our staff to develop custom tools and hacking techniques that will benefit our commercial projects directly.

Security Training

We share and educate people about common security threats and hacking techniques. We are offering 3-5 day courses, that cover Web Application Security as well as binary exploitation trainings. In these trainings, the trainee will gain knowledge about cutting edge technologies and attack vectors used by advanced threats today.

The team

Jon Barg

Founder & CTO

As the founder and CTO of XLADIUS, and as an independent Security Research and Penetration Tester, he brings extensive expertise in technical security assessments for governments and businesses around the globe. Jon brings 7+ years of experience as a Penetration Tester, holds OSCP and OSCE certification, and participated in several professional trainings and security conferences. In his free time, he conducts vulnerability research against binary targets or develops new red teaming tools.

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